Workshops III: MFA Application Bootcamp

[Online Workshop]

This online workshop will help you target and strategically apply to MFA programs in order to continue your study of poetry at the graduate level. Through the Wet Ink workshopping platform, you will receive peer and instructor feedback on your writing sample (10–12 pages, submitted with your registration), personal statement and other supporting documents—as well as an overview of the differences between funded and unfunded programs and how best to navigate the application process (i.e. number of applications to submit, aesthetic fit, faculty reputation, size of program, cost of living, etc). You will be guided by an NYU MFA graduate and Writers in the Public Schools Fellow, J. Scott Brownlee, whose experiences with MFA prep include serving as an admin for the 2012 MFA Draft, a 2,000 member–plus Facebook group that provided peer support during the MFA application process. Instruction will include one-on-one conferences to answer more technical questions about the application process via phone/Facetime. Past bootcamp participants have earned admission to MFA programs at NYU, Syracuse, Oregon, the University of Colorado–Boulder, the University of Miami and Stony Brook Southampton.

Workshop Details

Poet J. Scott Brownlee


J. Scott Brownlee’s first full-length book, Requiem for Used Ignition Cap, was selected by C. Dale Young as the winner of the 2015 Orison Poetry Prize. He is also the author of two chapbooks: Highway or Belief, which won the 2013 Button Poetry Prize, and Ascension, which won the 2014 Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize. A former Writers in the Public Schools Fellow at New York University, Brownlee is a founding member of the Localists, a literary collective that emphasizes place-based writing of personal witness, cultural memory and the aesthetically marginalized working class, both in the United States and abroad. After living in Brooklyn for several years, he currently works for the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is an admissions counselor for the Executive MBA Program.