Our space at 144 Montague requires the ability to go up a single flight of stairs. Due to the landmark status of the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, fire code restrictions and our position as renters, we are unfortunately unable to make structural changes to the building at this time that would eliminate this barrier, though we have explored every possible option.

While 144 Montague is the latest addition to what we do at Brooklyn Poets, much of our core programming remains virtual only, including our Mentorship Program, Craft Labs, Staff Picks Reading Series and The Bridge. In addition, the majority of our workshops are conducted online. For those who cannot join us in our physical space, all of our event programming is accessible via livestream and includes closed captioning. All books and swag available for sale in our space are also available in our online store. We prioritize historically underserved and marginalized groups when awarding fellowships and selecting writers to teach for us and feature at our events or for our Poet of the Week series. We remain committed to growing our robust online offerings to increase access to poetry for all.

We strive to continue making Brooklyn Poets a more accessible space, and we’re always open to hearing about how we could do better. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at or by going to our Contact page.


COVID-19 Policy

We actively monitor COVID-19 data, including wastewater surveillance, to inform the policies we use to keep each other safe. This means they may differ from local mandates. Below is our policy for in-person workshops, events and other gatherings hosted at our space at 144 Montague.

Effective May 15th, 2023, all visitors and event attendees are strongly encouraged to wear masks. Please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms, have a positive COVID test or someone close to you has recently tested positive. We are a diverse multi-generational community and hope you’ll join us in taking the actions we can to make our space welcoming to all and to keep each other safe.

Workshop instructors or event hosts may choose to enforce a more stringent policy at their own discretion. Additionally, workshop participants may be required to wear masks as an accessibility accommodation for other participants or the instructor.

While we do our best, Brooklyn Poets cannot guarantee zero risk. A risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in all public settings. By entering the building, students, teachers and other attendees accept the risk of exposure and knowingly waive and release Brooklyn Poets from any liability related to COVID-19.