Workshop Showcase

Our Workshop Showcase highlights the work our students and faculty have been doing together in our workshops every winter–spring, summer and fall with a celebratory group reading. Professors personally introduce their students and talk about the work they’ve been creating together in their workshops. The event is free and open to the public.


Monday, August 23, 7 PM ET

Gregory Crosby, Imani Davis, Starr Davis, Joanna Fuhrman and students

Brooklyn Poets Workshop Showcase 8.23.21
Join us for our summer Workshop Showcase on Monday, August 23, at 7 PM via Zoom as Profs Gregory Crosby, Imani Davis, Starr Davis and Joanna Fuhrman read from their work and personally introduce readings by their students, alongside students from workshops led by Robert Balun, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Ariel Francisco, Carlie Hoffman and Simone Kearney. Free and open to the public.

Student readers include Bonnie Billet, Cole Chang, Eunha Choi, Sharon DeYoung, Tim Duffy, Eli Dunham, Adria Elmadari, Alyson Favilla, Todd Friedman, Angelique Govantes, Mary C. Greening, Lisa Katcher, Melanie Lee, Stella Lee, Seth Leeper, Angela Lockhart-Aronoff, Fran Lubecki-Wilde, Paco Marquez, Nathan Meuwissen, Greta Rasmus, Hypatia Sorunke, Madeline Turner, Elizabeth Upshur and Danielle Zipkin.