Jay Deshpande Zoom announcement Jason Koo write a 3-line poem that uses all 9 of these words: alient, bother, bullet, commission, cottages, infant, penciled, therapy, voracious Zoom webinar chat alumni, bourbon, wallpaper, liminal, cardiovascular, cloudy, wake, candy bar, wok, purist, arching, monolith, overwhelmed, Zoloft, cyan, sleepwalking, perscient, dilemma, benefits, voltage The Yawp on Zoom Liz Adams Instructions for the yawp:  creating poetry from a randomly collected list of words Notebook Constantine Jones Yawp on Zoom Let words be their own little creatures Yawp workshop on Zoom Cat joins Yawp Preeti Shah Romeo Poem entitled Wanting a Child Poem entitled Looper Poem by Kyndal Thomas Poem by Lila Rutishauser Poem by Jordan E. Franklin Poem by Constantine Jones Yawp on Zoom Yawp on Zoom