Odd Forms

Inventing Structure to Free the Imagination

Why do poets crave constraint? In this generative workshop, we’ll try out numerous odd, playful forms invented by poets to create fresh work, such as the bop, the sonnenizio, the tritina, the golden shovel, the demi-sonnet, the duplex, the gigan, the hay(na)ku, and more. Readings will include poems by Afaa Michael Weaver, Kim Addonizio, Erin Murphy, Jericho Brown, Terrance Hayes and Marie Ponsot. We’ll discover how working with creative constraints paradoxically removes our mental handcuffs and frees us to say the things we want to communicate.

Workshop Details


Julie Hart, named Brooklyn Poets’ Yawper of the Year in 2015, has had her work published in various journals, most recently in Juniper, Rogue Agent and Noble/Gas Qtrly, and in the Brooklyn Poets Anthology. She holds an MPhil in history from NYU and taught English as a second language for fifteen years. In 2014, she cofounded Sweet Action Poetry Collective with Mirielle Clifford, and with the help of Emily Blair it has become a vibrant community of poets, featuring bimonthly workshops, annual readings and publications to promote the group’s work. She lives in Brooklyn Heights with her husband and son.