Surviving the Slush

How to Publish Your Poems

This workshop will focus on the ins and outs of poem publication. When is a poem “done” and how can a manuscript stand out in the slush? We will discuss the various obstacles on both sides of the publication world: as poets, the anxiety of simultaneously attracting interest from editors while maintaining integrity of voice; as editors, the anxiety of slush reading in general while maintaining diversity of voice. We will workshop poems in their final editing stages and discuss methods of strengthening portfolios for submission. We will also look through many different literary journals and examine signature aesthetics. This is an opportunity not only to polish a handful of ready poems, but to understand the diversity of styles in the lit mag world. In the end, we will workshop final portfolios of edited poems and recommend venues which might favor your unique aesthetics.

Workshop Details


Natalie Eilbert’s first book of poems, Swan Feast, is forthcoming from Coconut Books in the summer of 2015. Her chapbook Conversation with the Stone Wife was published by Bloof Books and her chapbook And I Shall Again Be Virtuous. by Big Lucks Books in 2014. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Kenyon Review, Tin House, West Branch, Spinning Jenny, Handsome and many other venues. She has taught creative writing at Columbia University and Barnard College and is the founding editor of the Atlas Review. She lives in Greenpoint.